HJ BOTT: a Baroque Minimalist

Anya Tish Gallery is honored to present HJ Bott: a Baroque Minimalist, the gallery’s fifth solo exhibition of legendary Texas artist, HJ Bott, whose career stretches over six decades. The exhibition will feature selected paintings and sculptures created between the 1970s and 2000s. Methodical yet intuitive, this body of work, stemming from a self-created system, displays the artist’s signature geometrically abstract shapes of rich and textured surfaces. Making his own polymer vinyl paints, Bott’s use of this industrial material gives the work an arduous layer, while color and movement give a sense of playfulness that speaks to the inventive nature of the work.
A proponent of the cross-disciplinary use of geometry, math, and science within a visual medium, Bott, in 1972, created a system he named the Displacement-of-Volume (DoV), which employs a combination of basic and universal archetypes to make way for a “new” archetype system. This formulaic method of working results in the ornate patterns that are always present in Bott’s sleek polymer-etched paintings and playful, curvaceous industrial wire sculptures. Throughout his prolific career, Bott has engineered countless combinations of shapes and patterns, but there has always been an underlying visual system that is based in quadrants, grids, and circles. Perhaps less visible to the eye is his use of dichotomy: Yin and Yang, Geometric and Organic, Baroque and Minimalist. Although there is a calculated and formalist approach to the work, embedded throughout is a political undertone that addresses the pressing contemporary issues of the world today.





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