Anya Tish Gallery is excited to present, INSTANT GRATIFICATION, the gallery’s second solo exhibition of Chinese-born, Houston-based artist, Gao Hang. In his current series, 21st Century Realism, the artist illustrates modern human habits with a sense of humor and absurdity, while commenting on, and aiming to satiate, the viewer’s need for instant gratification. Hang’s color field paintings and objects evoke the postmodernist neo-pop movement, by the use of the subject matter and color, as a conceptual and structural armature. The artist taps into the zeitgeist of the age of social media, intentionally engaging the aesthetics of the internet and of our glowing digital devices, in an effort to compete for attention amongst the rapid viewing mechanics of the 21st century.


Hang scours the internet in search of images or memes, reimagining how the image may look from different angles or with a different composition. He then reduces them into primitive polygon shapes and colors, airbrushing the imagery with acrylic paint on canvas. Hang’s low-poly graphics and textures give way to a new digital means of expression, simulating a “modern production method but with a high fault tolerance.” – Gao Hang



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