Inflatable Infatuation

September 11, 2009 - October 10, 2009

"Inflatable Infatuation" is the third solo exhibition of works by British-born artist and Texas Tech professor William Cannings, whose distinctive inflated sculptures joyfully challenge the physical properties of steel and aluminum. Metal is welded together with the precision of stitch work, then inflated with hot air like rubber tires creating three dimensional forms that appear as if they were sensually carved. Prepare to engage and enter Cannings’ illusive world, where nothing is what it seems. Inflatable Infatuation is comprised of a number of new sculptural works which aim to mislead the viewer, defying any expected sense of gravity. Inflated circular and brick-like forms are collectively hung and stacked weightlessly in the gallery, bringing together themes of obsession and repetition, as in one installation where inflated spherical forms are linked together organically spilling out of the corner of the gallery into the main space. The surfaces of the works range from highly polished automotive paint, to hand applied gold leaf and raw untreated steel; an amalgamation of the artificial, the classical and the industrial. This combination reveals Cannings’ development toward a more diverse playground in which the objects become more complex and dynamic, allowing the forms to be both absurd and befitting. Throughout the show lies an immeasurably tactile investigation between the viewer, the work and the artist - a love affair that will leave one infatuated.

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