Dina Brodsky & Maya Brodsky • Katja Loher • Maxim Wakultschik

November 19, 2010 - December 18, 2010

Rising art world star Katja Loher, New York-based and Swiss-born, is one of a new generation of innovative video artists whose work creates an engaging dialogue between opposing themes of nature and technology by integrating futuristic style performance art and video into three-dimensional forms of sculpture. In this exhibition she shares the gallery space with Maya and Dina Brodsky, representational who achieved recognition at a young age. For this exhibition, the Brodskys use New York City Metro Transit cards for their canvases. Also featured will be a series of works by Maxim Walkultschik, which are related to the Loher’s work by virtue of using a hemispherical surface for the image area and to the Brodsky pieces through his use of a painterly, figurative approach to image making.