Recent Work

January 14, 2006 - February 11, 2006

The featured works, a selection of boldly hued monoprints from the “Branched and Rooted” series and from the “Rings” series, depict striking images that embody rhythm and energy.  The tree as archetype dominates the artist’s conceptual scheme, though her romantic views of nature are abstracted from reality, and as such could never exist in nature.  In the more geometric “Rings” series,  the artist, inspired by the tree trunk, works with concentric configurations; whereas in the more organic ”Branch and Rooted” series,  Feinstein explores abstract and imaginary formations.  Orna Feinstein generates eye-deceiving forms and patterns through her mastery of the monoprint process. Using multiple layering of images, applying the techniques of Chin Colle’ and Frottage, the artist achieves palpable textures and rich, brilliant colors.  A fascinating work emerges which echoes the playful and joyous, yet mysterious, spirit of nature.

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