Houston-based, Colombia-born artist Johan Barrios' rich charcoal drawings and oil paintings encite a wave of empathetic solemnity, followed by an immense appreciation for his deft ability to render the expressive, intimate subjects. Executing his pieces with the proficiency of old masters, Barrios pays close attention to every aspect of the body's anatomy, while articulating the ephemerality of human relationships, emotions, and life. 

Johan Barrios received his Masters in Fine Arts from Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia, and has since exhibited his work across the globe in such major world cities as Zürich, Switzerland; New York City, New York; Barcelona, Spain; Montreal, Canada; Los Angeles, California;  and Copenhagen, Denmark. His work has also been featured in such renowned print and online publications as HI FRUCTOSE, The Jealous Curator, and Juxtapose Magazine.


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