A Likely Story

February 13, 2009 - March 14, 2009

Plato described perceptible reality as an imitation of the ideal; a copy of the true reality of which, consequently, we can only piece together a likely story. This concept seems particularly relevant today in our culture of media manipulation and “truth-i-ness” as it has been dubbed. What held Plato’s metaphysics together in antiquity has been lost in our postmodern malaise. This is a sad development, I think, and it is a sentiment worthy of revisiting.
A Likely Story is an attempt at just that. The Platonic solid forms are manipulated in various guises that depict daydreamt off shoots of Plato’s idealistic musings. For the Philosopher, each of the solids represented one of the base elements: tetrahedron - fire, hexahedron - solid earth, octahedron - water-, dodecahedron - aether and icosahedron – air.

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