Ann Wood • Jennifer Nuttall • Dawn Black

Wesley Harvey • Mindy Kober

July 9, 2010 - August 6, 2010

Curated by Jennifer Nuttall, Creature Comforts is a group exhibit of regional and international artists whose works in sculpture, collage, ceramics and works on paper challenge the uncomfortable yet engaging archetypal characteristics buried within the rich history of storytelling and narrative. Embedded within a mythological vein, the works embody anthropomorphic and beastlike creatures that represent well known characters such as the trickster, the mentor, the villain or the hero and the gallery transforms to become a fantastical landscape in which the viewer can travel from one threshold to another. The works are both tactile and sleek and function through a paradoxical aesthetic that in one light appears appealing but in another seems frightening, playfully exploring the relationship between themes such as irony and truth, innocence and violence.